Mail Us Things!

Below you’ll see our basic resupply plan for the trail. What towns we’ll stop in, when we’ll be there (roughly), and how long we’ll stay. Towns where we plan to spend a zero day are in red. Towns where we plan to mail ourselves supplies are in green. The dates are all rough estimates based on an average 19 mile day- we’ll be slower than this in the beginning of the desert and in the snowy Sierra, but much faster in Oregon and Washington. We’ll update the dates as we hike, so this list will become more accurate as we progress!

IF YOU WANT TO SEND US POSTCARDS OR SNACKS (oh god I would love you forever if you mailed us ridiculous snacks), these are the addresses to do so!

  • Send via USPS (unless otherwise indicated), at least a week or two before the ETA.
  • And let us know if you’re mailing something! We have to go to the post office to pick things up, so if we don’t know if something’s arriving, we can’t get it. The best bet is to send things to the addresses already marked in green!
  • If you do send a package, it’ll help to decorate it in some distinctive way (and let us know) so it’s easier to find among the Indiana-Jones-warehouse of other hiker boxes that will inevitably fill up every one of these locations.

If you want to meet up with us while we’re on the trail, this is also a decent guide as to where and when to make that happen! Again, these are all estimates, and we’ll update information here as we go, making it more accurate.